Changing Child Behaviour - How I Changed My Kids Bad Behaviour!

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If you have ever or are currently experiencing changing child behaviour you are not alone. You may have even been silent about it or you are in the minority and have sought advice from a close family member or a friend. Misbehaviour is common, but what is not common is the way that we react to behavioural problems. Every single parent reacts to bad behaviour and / or misbehaviour differently.

There are ways that we as parents can identify whether or not our child is currently or is likely to suffer from changing child behaviour. Our children are changing all the time in many more ways than one. The information that they are required to remember on a daily basis can sometimes become overwhelming and this creates a lot of stress, even for toddlers.

Some problems that we as parents can make ourselves aware of are easily identifiable by just monitoring our kids.

Some problems that we can easily identify are -

Communication based problems - Talking too fast / or not talking at all. It may be that the child is having trouble with word processing and jumbles up the words or forgets what he or she is trying to say. This problem can be monitored and adjusted over a period of time by utilizing a management plan.

Interactive behavioural problems - The way your child interacts with other children is a good way to see if he or she is well balanced and happy. If they are playing happily and contentedly without sign of any problems, you probably have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if they are finding it difficult to interact with other kids and are showing signs of being withdrawn and or isolating themselves - You may have a problem. Kids naturally want to play with other kids (even kids that they don't necessarily like very much) so IF your child doesn't want to play with other kids, you need to address this quickly.

Low self esteem - This is kind of related to the above point and can also be the cause of many behavioural problems in children. This is more of a child psychology related issue and is something that needs to be given special attention before it becomes a long term problem.

As parents we want our kids to be happy and normal and we don't want them to develop any long term behavioural problems. Short term behavioural problems however, are normal and a big part of every day life. If these changing child behaviour problems are not managed, though they could potentially become long term problems.

Child behaviour problems are a big part of daily life for all parents and their children and we spend a great deal of time thinking about how to better manage our children's behaviour.

Lucas Uren is the father of 3 beautiful, sometimes normal, sometimes very misbehaved children. It is this misbehaviour that led him to research about changing child behaviour and he is now much more able to effectively manage the ever present problems that most parents face.

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Changing Child Behaviour - How I Changed My Kids Bad Behaviour!

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This article was published on 2010/12/28