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Jupiter stays in Pisces in the 1st house until the end of the month. It may inspire you to do good things for the other people; it inspires you to develop great human and divine qualities; it keeps your health good during this period and gets support from the father; it gives you great opportunities to add something new to your education. It may also help the children to achieve the expected goals. .Pisces Astrology 2012. During this period you will have love to support from your father. You may get good position in the government, also help you to gain respect from the public and government. It also gives you the company of a good spouse who gives good company and makes you happy in sexual activity. It gives you self-respect, self satisfaction and happiness.

Due to the Venus stays in Aquarius from 1st April until 15th in the 12th house makes health related problems to you and that may give you restlessness and make you disturbed. Your brothers may oppose you and give problems of various kinds. But you maay subdue your enemies and the problems that you encounter at the job or family and may have some peace by the middle of the month when Venus transits in Pisces from 16th April until the end of the month. Pisces Astrology 2012. In spite of this that this time it may strain your relationship with the spouse, brothers and sisters, This is the best time to makes you withstand hardship and problems, helps you live majestically, enhances your status, gives you lot of energy to work hard and get adjusted at the job and in the business. Saturn stays in Virgo in the 7h house throughout the month. .Pisces Astrology 2012.

Pisces decan one has a promising 2012 with great opportunities to increase your personal power. This is because of a major transit which lasts about 18 months, Pluto sextile Sun. Pisces born February 19 to 24 would have felt this reforming influence most strongly in the last year but will still be benefiting from the soul growth this transit brings, and the intense drive to succeed all through 2012. Those Pisces born February 25 to 31 are in for all the intensity of Pluto this year. A wonderful year for powering ahead to accomplish your personal goals & you may expect assistance from powerful people such as bosses or those in huge companies or government organization. You will also feel an intensification in relationships, & also in your journey of self discovery, going deeper at the psychological level. 2012 favors uncovering that which is hidden in your own psyche, & even exploring the taboo side of sexuality. Pluto brings increased self confidence & the ability to promote yourself & get what you need this year. Later in the year, the steamrolling energy of Pluto is further strengthened by Saturn. From October 2012 to October 2013, Saturn trine Sun will materialize your goals. Now you will have even more perseverance & a strong work ethic to make nice on that drive & intensity from Pluto. The combination of these transits is so strong & ought to lead to huge & lasting achievements. Career, finance, actual estate & relationships ought to all benefit & bring you much satisfaction & security well in to the future. A culmination of efforts, achievement & recognition.

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Pisces Astrology 2012 - Horoscope and Astrology 2012

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Pisces Astrology 2012 - Horoscope and Astrology 2012

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