Sinus Problems Due To Fungi

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It is hard to live with chronic sinus problems. Not only do the symptoms lower your quality of life, it is also quite an expensive disease to treat with all the medications you have to take. This might be okay if the drug medications are working as expected. But when they do not work as they are supposed to, the situation becomes very frustrating. It is possible that the root of the sinus problem is not correctly identified when this is the case.

What You Need to Know about Fungal Sinus Problems

A common notion is that sinus problems are brought about by bacterial infection. This is not always the case. In fact, did you know that most chronic sinus problems are immune disorders caused by fungi? Fungus or molds are commonly inhaled in the air that you breathe. When there is blockage in the sinuses, the fungi is trapped inside and cause sinus problems. The symptoms of fungal sinus problems can be very debilitating. You would have to deal with stuffy and runny nose. Thick and colored mucus are also normal. Symptoms such as frequent headaches, nasal congestion and coughing are also existent. Some may have additional symptoms such as post-nasal drip, facial pressure, toothache, sore throat, bad breath, fever and fatigue.

Did you also know that antibiotics are powerless over fungi? Some antibiotics even make fungal sinus problems worse. When dealing with fungal sinus problems, the right way to go for treatment is using anti-fungal medicines.

Avoiding Fungal Sinus Problems

When diagnosed with fungal sinus problems, it is important to combat the fungi head-on and creating an environment that makes it difficult for fungi to flourish. This will prevent a negative immune system reaction.

-   There are certain foods that you can refrain from eating to keep the fungus under control. Examples are sugar and grains as fungus feeds on these.

-   Foods that are contaminated with mycotoxins should also be avoided like alcoholic beverages, corn, wheat, barley, and peanuts.

-   Some cheeses, especially those with molds, are also not advisable.

-   There are also foods that are recommended for intake when diagnosed with fungal sinus problems. Fish or cod liver oil is good for the body for a stronger immune system. They are not only effective in relieving sinus problems but also reduce the risk of cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

-   Coconut oil is also known for its anti-fungal properties. But be sure to make use of oils made from fresh coconuts as some may contain fungal toxins.

-   Exercising daily is also advisable as physical activity is helpful in stimulating air circulation in the sinuses and making mucus move through the sinuses.

-   Steam therapy with essential oils is also beneficial to keep the mucus loose and soothe the sinuses.

-   Sinus rinsing using saline water solution is also highly recommended to clean the sinuses and prevent sinus problems.

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Sinus Problems Due To Fungi

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This article was published on 2010/03/26