Solving Business Problems

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No matter what your line of work, one thing to always keep in mind is that you get paid consistent with you ability to solve problems. The more problems that you solve and the bigger that the problems that you solve are, the more that you will get paid.

Think about that the next time that your boss or your customer brings you a problem to solve. If you're like most people, your inclination is probably to put up some resistance when confronted by a problem of some sort. Even if no one is accusing you directly of necessarily having caused the problem, our human nature is to become defensive and protective about our serenity. Our lives were going just fine before this situation reared it's ugly head. But challenges are where the opportunities are. If it wasn't for problems, most people wouldn't have a job, because after all, that's really what you're paid to do, solve problems. And if you show a propensity for tackling problems that nobody else can tackle or wants to tackle, somebody's going to notice you eventually.

Doctors solve health problems. Lawyers solve legal problems. Mechanics solve auto problems. Business people solve business problems. Average salespeople solve average business problems and get average pay. Good salespeople solve big business problems and make above average pay and great salespeople solve the biggest business problems and get paid handsomely and promoted often.
If your customers and prospects didn't have any problems, they wouldn't need your help. That's what you're there for. If they didn't need you, they could just buy directly from the internet without any human interaction whatsoever and you wouldn't have a job.

So the next time your boss or your client calls you with a problem situation, don't let it bring you down. Just keep in mind that you're working on building your skills as a big problem solver. And as you get better at solving business problems, the more money you will earn. The key word being "earn".

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Solving Business Problems

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This article was published on 2010/04/04